99.9% Accurate Calculations

Leading SaaS Company Reports 99.9% Accurate Calculations for Case Management Support to Customers Across Multiple Time Zones while Receiving NetSuite Support from Jade.

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About the Client

Client – CallidusCloud (SAP Sales Cloud)


Industry – Enterprise Software


CallidusCloud, now SAP Sales Cloud, is a global enterprise software and SaaS company headquartered in Dublin, California. The company is best known for its cloud-based solutions for sales effectiveness, sales performance management and sales execution (CPQ, CLM) software and services.

Products & Services

  • Configure Price Quote (CPQ)- Contract Lifecycle Management(CLM)
  • RevSym by SAP – ThunderBridge Analytics
  • ThunderBridge AI
  • LeadRocket & Clicktools
  • SAP Subscription Billing
  • OrientDB (open source NoSQL database management system)

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Business Value Delivered

Jade Global’s support services helped CallidusCloud track and maintain SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) with its customers. Alerts were made available where SLA’s were at risk of being overlooked. These alert notifications helped CallidusCloud serve its customers in a timely manner and adhere to SLA’s.

An additional business benefit was that CallidusCloud experienced faster response times in bill approvals; approvers lo longer had to login to NetSuite in order to approve bills in queue. Overall customer visibility improved in CallidusCloud’s historical cases after Jade migrated data from NetSuite to the ServiceNow system.


Jade also helped CallidusCloud in historical case migration to ServiceNow, providing customers with visibility into all cases in single system. Jade assisted in developing a customized bill approval workflow where there is no longer a need for an approver to login to NetSuite to approve/reject bills. Jade also helped CallidusCloud overcome its technical challenges while integrating NetSuite with RevSym by building a connector. The improvements resulted in significant increases in response time, efficiency, and reporting processes.

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Business Benefits

  • Customer visibility into historical cases
  • Faster response time for bill approvals leading to efficiency
  • Increased customer base due to availability of connector for Netsuite – RevSym
  • Increased customer, employee and partner satisfaction, as SLA’s were accurately tracked and maintained
  • Accurate and efficient reporting for Indian GAAP and U.S. GAAP for its Indian Subsidiary

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