Confirmed Call Back (CCL)

Seal the deal through confirmation calls

According to research, almost 48% of salespersons don’t follow up with their prospective clients.

For a company, this will be a pressing issue since not following up with prospects means a loss in revenue.

So, is your team really serious in following-up with prospects? How often do you call back your customers or follow up with them in the right way?

It’s important to remember that managing clients and following-up with them are two sides of the same coin. While dealing with prospects is vital, following-up with them is as crucial as handling them.

You may think that you’ve had a very fruitful session with the prospect and you’ve sealed the deal, but it may be quite the opposite of it. Then might have second thoughts about whether what you’re offering them is actually what they want.

Hence, this where AdvertMarketers Confirmed Call Back service would help. A Confirmed Call Back. Since connecting with every potential prospect is the need of the hour, our CCL feature allows your sales team to get in touch with prospects who wish to receive a call back to get more details about your products.

Being the CCL experts, we ensure that our follow-up calls are persuasive but not pushy. We aim to give specific instructions and avoid being vague, which gives prospects more clarity about your products and services.

  • Discover potential accounts
  • Confirm their availability
  • Schedule a meeting
  • Convert prospects to leads

“There’s no easy way out of a bad call, but to keep moving on to the next, and anticipate success.”